The history of “Edelveiss EG” Ltd.

“Edelveiss EG” started its professional business in 1998 as a furniture manufacturer making individual, custom furniture. In 2000, due to the growing demand for office furniture, the company began to develop and market several series of office furniture.

In 2018, Edeleiss EG continues to strengthen its position in the market by positioning itself as a manufacturer of non-standard large projects. Long-term contracts are concluded with several banks and joint stock companies. The company’s sales team is intensively engaging new partners and selecting new suppliers to offer its customers efficient and modern furniture project solutions. Two large projects in Scandinavia are being implemented. The company’s table-top park is being renovated and improved.

In 2017, Edelveiss EG continues to develop its operations in export markets and establishes successful cooperation with wood panel house producers, implementing its first large-scale project in Sweden in cooperation with the Swedish company Baltic Shiphomes AB. Continuing the implementation of the developed strategy, the company purposefully develops its sales point dealer chain by attracting new cooperation partners. At the same time, new software is being introduced to improve the efficiency of the engineering department.

In 2016, “Edelveiss EG” established its presence in Germany thus strengthening its position in this market. At the same time the production infrastructure was improved and fully renovated and “Edelveiss EG” now has a well-organised production facility of 770m2. As well, the company has started actively working in the English marketplace. Working with student apartment developers, our first major project in England is being realised.

In 2015, “Edelveiss EG” launched “RIM POINT” in Latvia, joining RIM’s international distribution chain, thus expanding its range of products.

In 2014, with the increase in production demand, it was decided to expand production facilities and purchase a number of new workstations and machines. New machines were added to the existing production facility, such as an edge-glueing machine with modern Airflow edge-glueing technology, as well as a CNC center.

In 2013 “Edelveiss EG” was granted the exclusive right to represent the BEJOT office and conference chair manufacturer in Latvia, offering high-quality seating to its customers. By creating a distribution network, BEJOT offered a range of suites from other furniture manufacturers and dealers.

In 2012, due to the high demand for upholstered furniture, “Edelveiss EG” Ltd. established a new production line and started to manufacture upholstered furniture.

In 2011, the ISO 2001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 were introduced, which ensures that “Edelveiss EG” quality management systems comply with ISO standards and ensures the highest level of quality offered to the client. The ISO 14001 environmental management standard warrants that “Edelveiss EG” is an environmentally friendly company.

In 2010, as a result of the economic crisis, the company’s expenses were tightly controlled. Investments in the improvement and development of the manufacturing facility were carried out. A modern painting and varnishing line was set up. A marketing department in Moscow was established and sales channels in the European Union (especially in Denmark and Sweden) were developed. New innovative products were introduced. Young designers were supported and their participation in international young designer exhibitions was sponsored.

In 2009, the company operates in the furniture manufacturing sector with a high level of productivity, strengthening its position in the Baltic and European markets, ensuring the high quality of production, introducing new production technologies!

In 2008, “Edelveiss EG” became the representative of the Lithuanian metal furniture and shelving system manufacturer Vildeta in Latvia, providing its customers with the delivery and service of metal furniture and shelving systems. Implementing the marketing strategy attracted more and more new customers. New furniture design lines were introduced.

In 2007 production capacity rapidly expanded, and the company employed 50 employees. The sales department was expanded and an active marketing strategy was developed. Manufacturing operated two shifts. New design concepts were developed.

In 2006 “Edelveiss EG” became the representative of the French aluminium systems manufacturer ABCD International in Latvia, offering its customers various aluminium office system moveable walls, and integrating them into their own office furniture series.

In 2005 the company’s production capacity and professional team provided the opportunity to serve many international companies, office furniture, and retail furniture suppliers. The engineering department was expanded and new advanced software was introduced.

In 2004 the company was already offering its customers a number of design lines of office and public space furniture, which was appreciated by clients. Given the rapidly growing volume of production, new high-tech manufacturing technologies were purchased.

In 2003 the company was successfully operating in both the public and private sectors, offering its customers various types of furniture, ranging from kitchen cabinetry to modern furniture for public spaces.

In 2002 an engineering department and sales department were set up. As well, a manufacturing facility was being developed.

In 2001 the company created a design as well as an interior design department, and customers were offered a full project development plan, using both hand-drawn sketches, CAD technology, 3D design, and photorealistic visualization. This service was appreciated by the clientele, and already in 2001 several international companies became regular customers of the company.

Progressive thinking, competent, and qualified “Edelveiss EG” staff, in cooperation with designers and design studios, help to create custom furniture solutions and fulfil the desires of any individual client.

During its 19 years of successful operation, the company has become one of the leading furniture and office furniture manufacturers in Latvia.


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