Citadele Banka Jauns BIrojs

In January, “Citadele Līzings un faktorings”, a subsidiary of the Citadele Bank, moves in new and larger premises in Skanstes street 50, Riga. There is located also Citadele Client Service Center in one of the premises, designed according to a new concept, combining cozy and modern interior design.

Leasing new office and customer service center “Skanste” are designed according to a new concept, where the main principles are cozy, comfortable service and delicious coffee.

“When we were building the new center, we were thinking about the comfort – customer service will take place in a comfortable atmosphere, guests will be served with coffee, children will be able to spend time at the children’s corner.

In the premises of Skanstes Street we have completely teared down the border between the bank and the client, which traditionally marked the counter with the customer on one side and the bank’s specialist on the other. At the same time, we have ensured that the service is private and both citizens and business can solve their financial issues in the business environment, “says Santa Purgaile, a member of Citadele Board.


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